Image Use Policy

Policy written by: YSBD Workshops Ltd 

Last reviewed on: 20th March 2023

Date to be reviewed: 1st March 2024

YSBD Workshops Ltd Data Controller: Hannah Curran (Principal)

YSBD Workshops Ltd Designated Safeguarding Officer: Hannah Curran (Principal)

YSBD Workshops Ltd Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer: Amy Goodwin (Vice Principal)

Administrator with lead responsibility: Hannah Curran

Official use of Images/Videos of Children and clients by the School/Setting.


Scope and aims of the policy

  • This policy seeks to ensure that images and videos taken within and by YSBD Workshops Ltd are taken and held legally and the required thought is given to safeguarding all members of the community.
  • This policy applies to all staff including, teachers, assistants, external contractors, visitors, volunteers and other individuals who work for or provide services on behalf of YSBD Workshops Ltd. (collectively referred to as ‘staff‘ in this policy) as well as clients, children and parents/carers.
  • This policy must be read in conjunction with other relevant YSBD Workshops Ltd. policies including (but not limited to) safeguarding and child protection, code of conduct, behaviour, health and safety, mobile phone policy, privacy policy and our terms and conditions.
  • This policy applies to all images (including still and video content) taken by the school/setting.
  • All images taken by the school/setting will be used in a manner respectful of the new GDPR legislations. This means that images will be:
    • fairly and lawfully processed
    • processed for specifically stated purposes only
    • used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
    • kept on file for no longer than is necessary
    • processed in line with an individual’s legal rights
    • kept securely
    • adequately protected if transferred to other countries
  • The Data Controller/DSL and Management team are responsible for ensuring the acceptable, safe use and storage of all camera technology and images within the setting/school. This includes the management, implementation, monitoring and review of the School/Settings Image Use Policy.


Parental/Client Consent

  • Written permission from parents/carers or clients (via our media permission form) will always be obtained before images/videos of clients/children are taken, used or published by the school/setting.
  • Written client/parental consent will always be sought to take and use photographs offsite for professional, marketing and training purposes. This may be in addition to parental permission sought for onsite images.
  • Written consent from clients/parents will be kept by the setting where client/children’s images are used for publicity purposes (such as brochures or publications, social media sites), until the image is no longer in use.
  • Client/Parental permission will be sought on an agreed basis from the day they register to attend services provided by YSBD Workshops Ltd.
  • A record of all consent details will be kept securely on file. Should permission be withdrawn by parents/carers/clients at any time, then all relevant images will be removed and disposed of and the record will be updated accordingly.


Safety of Images and Videos

  • All images taken and processed by or on behalf of the school/setting will take place using school/ setting provided equipment and devices.
  • Staff will receive information regarding the safe and appropriate use of images as part of their safeguarding training and responsibilities.
  • All members of staff (including volunteers) will ensure that all images are available for scrutiny and will be able to justify any images in their possession.
  • Images will not be kept for longer than is to be considered necessary. A designated member of staff (Data Controller or DSL) will ensure that all photographs are permanently wiped from memory cards, computer hard and portable drives or other relevant devices once the images will no longer be of use.
  • The Data Controller and/or DSL reserve the right to view any images taken and/or to withdraw or modify a member of staffs’ authorisation to take or make images at any time.
  • Only official setting owned equipment (e.g. work provided digital or video cameras) will be used by staff to capture images of children for official purposes. Use of personal cameras by staff is prohibited at all times.
  • Any apps, websites or third party companies used to share, host or access children’s images will be risk assessed prior to use.
  • The school/setting will ensure that images always are held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and suitable child protection requirements (if necessary) are in place.
  • Photographs will be disposed of should they no longer be required. They will be returned to the parent or carer, deleted and wiped or shredded as appropriate. Copies will not to be taken of any images without relevant authority and consent from the Data Controller and/or DSL and the client/parent/carer.


Publication and sharing of images and videos

  • Images or videos that include children will be selected carefully for use e.g. only using images of children who are suitably dressed.
  • Images or videos that include clients/children will not provide material which could be reused.
  • Client/Children’s’ full names will not be used on the website or other publication (e.g. newsletters, social media channels) in association with photographs or videos unless explicit consent has been given. For example, a student has a successfully auditioned for a role in a show and there is an article written about them.
  • The school/setting will not include any personal addresses, emails, telephone numbers, fax numbers on video, on the website, in a prospectus or in other printed publications.


Usage of apps/systems to share images with parents

  • YSBD Workshops Ltd uses social and online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You tube channel and our YSBD website) to upload and share images of children.
  • The uses of these systems have been appropriately risk assessed and the Principal has taken steps to ensure all data stored is held in accordance with the GDPR.
  • Images uploaded to aforementioned platforms will only be taken on YSBD Workshops Ltd devices.
  • All users of the aforementioned platforms are advised on safety measures to protect all members of the community e.g. using strong passwords, logging out of systems after use etc.
  • Parents/carers will be informed of the YSBD Workshops ltd expectations regarding safe and appropriate use (e.g. not sharing passwords or copying and sharing images) prior to being given access. Failure to comply with this may result in access being removed.


Safe Practice when taking images and videos

  • Careful consideration is given before involving clients, very young or vulnerable children when taking photos or recordings, who may be unable to question why or how activities are taking place.
  • The school/setting will discuss the use of images with client, children and young people in an age appropriate way.
  • A client, child or young person’s right not to be photographed is to be respected. Images will not be taken of any child or young person against their wishes.
  • Photography is not permitted in sensitive areas such as changing rooms, toilets, etc.


Use of Images/Videos of Children by Others

Use of Photos/Videos by Parents/Carers

  • Parents/carers are permitted to take photographs or video footage of events for private use only.
  • Parents/carers who are using photographic equipment must be mindful of others (including health and safety concerns) when making and taking images.
  • The opportunity for parents/carers to take photographs and make videos can be reserved by the school/setting on health and safety grounds.
  • Parents/carers are only permitted to take or make recording within designated areas of the school/setting. Photography is not permitted in sensitive areas such as changing room, toilets etc.
  • The right to withdraw consent will be maintained and any photography or filming on site will be open to scrutiny at any time.
  • Parents may contact the school/setting Data Controller/DSL to discuss any concerns regarding the use of images.
  • Photos and videos taken by the school/setting and shared with parents should not be shared elsewhere (e.g. posted on social media site), to do so may breach intellectual property rights, data protection legislation and importantly may place members of the community at risk of harm.


Use of Photos/Videos by Children

  • The setting will discuss and agree age appropriate acceptable use rules with children regarding the appropriate use of cameras, such as places children cannot take the camera (e.g. unsupervised areas, toilets etc.).
  • The use of personal devices e.g. mobile phones, tablets, children’s own digital cameras, is covered within the school/settings mobile phone policy.
  • All staff will be made aware of the acceptable use rules regarding children’s use of cameras and will ensure that children are appropriately supervised when taking images for official or curriculum use.
  • Members of staff will role model positive behaviour to the children by encouraging them to ask permission before they take any photos.
  • Photos taken by children for official use will only be taken with parental consent and will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Parents/carers will be made aware that children will be taking photos/videos of other children and will be informed how these images will be managed by the setting e.g. will be for internal use by the setting only (not shared online or via any website or social media too).
  • Photos taken by children for official use will be carefully controlled by the setting and will be checked carefully before sharing online or via digital screens.
  • Still and video cameras provided for use by children and the images themselves will not be removed from the setting.


Use of Images of Clients/Children by the Media

  • Where a press photographer is to be invited to celebrate an event, every effort will be made to ensure that the newspaper’s (or other relevant media) requirements can be met.
  • A written agreement will be sought between clients/parents and carers and the press which will request that a pre-agreed and accepted amount of personal information (e.g. first names only) will be published along with images and videos.
  • The identity of any press representative will be verified and access will only be permitted where the event is planned, and where press are to be specifically invited to attend. No authorisation will be given to unscheduled visits by the press under any circumstances.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure the press abide by any specific guidelines should they be requested. No responsibility or liability however can be claimed for situations beyond reasonable control, and where the setting is to be considered to have acted in good faith.


Use of Professional Photographers

  • Professional photographers who are engaged to record any events will be prepared to work according to the terms of the settings Child Protection Policy, Image Use Policy Health and Safety Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • Photographers will sign an agreement which ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and that images will only be used for a specific purpose, subject to client/parental consent.
  • Photographers will not have unsupervised access to children and young people.


YSBD Workshops Ltd Guide to the Use of Images Online

Using Images Safely and Responsibly

We all enjoy and treasure images of our family and friends; family events, holidays and events are moments we all like to capture in photos or on video. We now have the exciting dimension of adding our images and videos to our online social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube and many other websites.  This means that we can easily share our photos and video with family and friends.


Whilst this can be very useful to all of us, we must ensure we protect and safeguard all clients children and staff, including those who do not want to have their images stored online.


What should we all think about before posting any images or video online and are there any risks?

  • Once posted and shared online any image or video can be copied and will stay online forever.
  • Some children are at risk and MUST NOT have their image put online. Not all members of the community will know who they are.
  • Some people do not want their images online for personal or religious reasons.
  • Some children and staff may have a complex family background which means that sharing their image online can have unforeseen consequences.
  • Therefore in order to keep all members of the community safe we must all ‘Think Before We Post’ Online

At YSBD Workshops Ltd we are happy for parents and carers to take photos and video of events (as agreed by YSBD Workshops Ltd) for personal use but request that these images are not distributed or put online.  This is to protect all members of the community.

We thank you for your support


Further Information on the Use of Images and video: