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Meet our fabulous Mini Stars and Little Stars Mascots Mini Stars (Sparkle) Little Stars (Shine) Each week one of our gorgeous Stars will be able to take their mascot home on an exciting adventure. The following week you can explain to the class all the fabulous things you did. You can upload any images onto our facebook page so our YSBD family can see.  Sparkle and Shine are very excited to go on lots of fabulous adventures with everyone.

We had our free trial on Sunday 26th April and are very proud to say it was a huge success. Lots of talented, smiling faces turned up to all classes and performed their own presentaions for family and friends at the end.  What they were able to achieve with our fabulous members of staff, in such a short space of time, was phenomenal. With full dance routines, two/three part harmony songs, improvisation and script work, we couldn't have been more proud of everyone who attended.  We are so excited

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